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pictures of mode of Transportation flashcard for kids

The world is a global family. People are spreading across the world with the help of fast modes of transportation. Transportation industry is evolving to meet the world's changing demands. We have already made so much progress after inventing the wheel in the stone age. Not sure what's there in the future.

Basically, we have three mode of transportation i.e. Surface, Water and Air. Transportation flashcard covers all three modes of transportation.

  1. Surface: Land based movement of the human, products and services is known as Surface transportation. This mode of transportation is used for short or medium distance places. The example of surface based transportation covered in the flashcards are: Train, Car, Truck, Motorbike, Bicycle.
  2. Air: Air based movement of human products and services is known as Air transportation. This mode is used for long distances or fast movement like from one country to another country etc. Air transportation is comparatively costly in all. The example of air based transportation covered in the flashcards are: Aeroplane, helicopter, glider etc.
  3. Water: Water based movement of human, products and services is known as Water transportation. This more is used only for sea routes, it's comparatively cheaper but takes more time. This mode of transportation is primarily used to transfer goods. The example of water based transportation covered in the flashcard are: Ship, yacht etc

Transportation of goods is done via all above modes of transportation like truck, train, ship and aeroplane. We transport human, animals, fruits, vegetables, clothes, food, flowers, home appliances etc.

Tourism industry is expanding with the new travelling facilities. Tourists are planning vacations in far world places to experience the new culture and food. We have covered almost all world famous places in world places flashcards.

Humans are not only exploring far distant places on earth but also in space. We are exploring life on different planets. Recently, we have sent a few rockets to the planet Mars. Space organisations have established a space station up in space for astronauts to monitor the universe closely. We have covered space vocabulary in space and rocket flashcard.

How to use this flashcard?

Parents should show the transportation flashcard to the child and make the sound in front of them. We should encourage kids to mimic the sound and recognize the transportation.

Parents should let child recognize the transportation before telling them. Sometime, they may recognize incorrectly but with regular practise they will improve.

Continuous practise of the flashcard may help to develop speech or improve speech in children.

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Transportation Flashcards

pictures of mode of Transportation flashcard
Popular mode of transportation
  • Age: 1 to 4 years
  • Description: Popular mode of transportation
  • Flashcard words:
    Airplane Bicycle Car
    Glider Helicopter Hot air balloon
    Motorbike Police car Rowboat
    Sailboat Ship Submarine
    Train Truck Yacht