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What is the SmartKids flashcards?

SmartKids flashcards are free online accessible digital flashcards. You can use it anytime, anywhere and on any device without registration.


  1. Free: We don’t charge anything when you use flashcards. You can use any flashcard any number of times for free.
  2. Online accessible: You can access the flashcards over the internet with mobile data, wifi or hotspot.
  3. Digital flashcards: Digital cards are easy to manage. It doesn’t face wear and tear. Simply just a few clicks away.
  4. Anywhere, Anytime and Any device: You can use the digital flashcard anywhere at home or outside, anytime 24x7 day or night, any device on mobile, Ipad or laptop.


  1. Simple: SmartKids flashcards are simple to use. It needs just a click to use it.
  2. Start at Any age: We have vocabulary flashcards for all ages. Please select the appropriate flashcards for your kids.
  3. No registration: SmartKids flashcards are accessible without registration. It makes easy and quick access to flashcards. Kids need not to enter login details before use.
  4. Free: SmartKids flashcards are free for all. We don’t charge anything from anybody for flashcards available on this website.
  5. Photographic: SmartKids flashcards help in developing photographic memory, speed reading, and mathematics.

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FAQs: Frequently asked questions on flashcards

What is a flashcard?
A flashcard is a way to learn or memorize information which could be vocabulary, numbers or formulas. Pictorial flashcards are very useful for kids as it helps to focus and makes an impression in the neuron cells of the brain. Flashcards can be physical paper cards or online digital cards.

What are digital flashcards?
Digital flashcards are software based cards. It may be available over the internet and can be used in any device such as phone, ipad or laptop. It is easy to use and maintain. It's free from wear and tear.

How can I access Digital flashcards?
Digital flashcards are usually available over the internet. It can be accessed via mobile data, wifi, hotspot or wireline internet.

How can we use flashcards?
Parents should show the flashcards to the kids and help them to recognizes first few times by making correct pronunciation. We should encourage kids to mimic the sound and recognize them.
After some practice sessions, parents should let the child recognize the flashcard before telling them. Sometimes, they may recognize incorrectly but with regular practice they will improve.

Which age is suitable for a flashcard?
We have vocabulary flashcards for all ages. It depends on the user’s needs and age. If you need specific flashcards which are not available right now, please look for on demand flashcards. We will help you with the new flashcard.

Do flashcards help in speech therapy?
Parents can use the digital flashcards to motivate children to speak the words. Pictures and sounds help to remember the words. Parents should say the words loud and clear, it motivates children to imitate sounds of the words.
Continuous practice of the flashcard may help to develop speech or improve speech in children.

How can I use flashcards while I am not at home?
Yes, anybody can use digital flashcards at home. You just need internet access to connect to our website.

Can I download flashcards?
No, currently we don’t support downloading flashcards but we are working on it.

What are flashcards on demand?
We are open to create new flashcards on user’s demand. You just need to fill the form which helps us know what you need. If required we will contact you for further information. Its important to fill the correct information in the form.

Can I get flashcards on demand?
Yes, we can help you with new flashcards. You need to fill a form which describes your requirements. After accessing, we will contact you. It may or may not cost you, it depends on the effort needed.

Do I need to pay for flashcards on demand?
There is no clear answer, it depends on the requirement. We create public and private flashcards. Public flashcards are available for all and free. Private flashcards are created for specific customers or organizations, it may not be free. It all depends on the requirement. If you need more information then please contact us.