Colors Flashcard

Picture and names of Colors flashcard

Nature has made our life colourful. Sky is blue, the grass is green, the sun is yellow and the moon is white. All these examples show that we have a colourful life around us. We have covered many colors in our colors flashcards. It contains pictures and names of the colors which is helpful to remember the colors with names.

Kids start recognizing colors at an early age. They get attracted to basic or primary colors i.e. red, blue, green, yellow. We can make secondary colors using primary colors like mixing red and yellow makes orange color, mixing red and blue makes brown color. Thus, we can make different shades of colors.

Studies show boys love blue colors and girls like pink. Cloth industry utilises this fact and manufactures mostly blue clothes (clothes flashcard) for boys and pink clothes for girls. This trend is not limited to *clothes but the toy, stationary and food packaging etc.

We can teach different colors with the help of fruits and vegetables . Kids love fruits like apples (red), bananas (yellow) orange (orange), avocado (green) etc. Similarly, okra is green, potato is brown, brinjal is purple, carrot is red etc.

Every weather brings new flowers in the garden. Flowers are of different colors. We present flowers on different occasions. Colors of the flowers play important roles in the occasions. White flowers bring purity. Red flowers represent passion and love. Orange flowers spread happiness.

Colors may play an important role in the emotion or personality of the person. Warm colors (orange, red, yellow) show the emotion of comfort to anger whereas cool colors (blue, green) show emotions of calmness and sadness.

Colors Flashcards

pictures and name of colors flashcard
Colors Flashcards
  • Age: 1 to 4 years
  • Description: Pictures and Name of different colors
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