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Clothes make us look good. It protects us from extreme weather conditions. It helps us to maintain hygiene. Clothes can be classified in different ways based on the material, season, culture, country, occasion. We have covered different variety of clothes in clothes flashcard.

We have decided to classify the clothes on the basis of occasion.

  1. Business wear: Business attire is usually worn in a corporate environment. It consists of Shirt, Pant/ Shirt, Suit, Tie, leather shoes etc.
  2. Party wear: Party wear is usually worn in business parties, functions and marriages. Men wear bow ties, black ties and suits/tuxedos. Women wear long gowns, dresses.
  3. Formal wear: Formal clothes are usually worn in offices, functions, dinners. It consists of Shirt, Pant/ Shirt, jacket, cardigan, Suit, leather shoes etc.
  4. Casual wear: Casual clothes are worn in day to day life. It consists of T-shirts, shorts, cotton dresses, jeans, skirts, sandals etc.
  5. Uniform: Uniform is a special clothing worn by a set of people like soldiers, doctors, students, astronauts, pilots etc.

We change our clothes according to the weather. We prefer light color and short clothes, like T-shirt, shorts, in summer whereas dark color and full length clothes in winters, like jacket, cover coat. On the other hand, our ancestors used to wear animal skin to protect from harsh weather conditions.

The trend of clothes is driven by the fashion industry. Designers, stylish and professionals work hard to bring new products every year. They not only design party wear clothes but uniforms for professionals.

Surprisingly, the astronauts' clothes are also designed by fashion designers with top notch technology. It protects astronauts in rocket and space journeys. Primarily, astronauts' suits consist of oxygen cylinders, gloves, suits and shoes.

There is a big market of export and import of clothes. It is manufactured at one place and transported to many countries. It helps to provide economical clothes and boosts employment to many people.

Clothes Flashcards

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Different type of Clothes
  • Age: 1 to 4 years
  • Description: Different type of Clothes
  • Flashcard words:
    Belt Boots Cap
    Dress Hat Jeans
    Scarf Shirt Shoes
    Shorts Skirt Socks
    Sunglasses Trousers T-Shirt