Alphabet Flashcards

Alphabet flashcard for kids

Kids start recognising a few alphabets at around age 2. Initially, they start with just A, B, C or D but displaying an alphabet flashcard helps to memorise all the letters comparatively quickly.

Kids experience high development growth at an early age. The power of recognizing and memorising increases with new vocabulary. We should engage children to grasp more and more words by showing pictures of vegetables, fruits, animals, shapes, transportation and color flashcards.

Some alphabet’s sounds are catchy for kids like B, D, P, M as these are lip sounding alphabet. We can use some simple words with these alphabets like bus, car, baby, dog etc. You can find the easy words in my first words flashcard specially designed for early age.

We have 26 alphabets in the English language, it's a big number for kids to remember. To solve this problem, each alphabet can be associated with an object or noun, it helps kids to memorise the alphabets. We can use alphabets with object flashcards for practice.

Some kids usually forget a few alphabets in between due to lack of focus or practice. We have developed a random order alphabet flashcard for practice. It generates the alphabet in random order which helps to use cognitive mind.

Alphabet (Uppercase) Flashcards

pictures of Uppercase alphabets flashcard
Alphabet (Uppercase) Flashcards
  • Age: 1 to 4 years
  • Description: Pictures of Alphabet in uppercase
  • Flashcard for following:
    A B C
    D E F
    G H I
    J K L
    M N O
    P Q R
    S T U
    V W X
    Y Z

Alphabet with Object Images Flashcard

Alphabet with Object Images Flashcard
Alphabet with Object Images Flashcard
  • Age: 1 to 4 years
  • Description: Pictures of Object and nouns with Alphabets
  • Flashcard for following:
    A-Apple B-Bus C-Crown
    D-Dinosaur E-Egg F-Frog
    G-Goblin H-Helicopter I-Iguana
    J-Jam K-King L-Lolipop
    M-Mushroom N-Nut O-Octopus
    P-Pig Q-Queen R-Rainbow
    S-Sun T-Truck U-Unicorn
    V-Volcano W-Watermelon X-Xylophone
    Y-Yarn Z-Zebra