Age 3| Speech Development & flashcards

Age 3| Speech Development & flashcards
What are the overall development milestones at age 3?

As children continue to grow at age 3, you can notice different abilities. Children feel more confident to perform various activities like running, jumping, walking up stairs, and riding bicycles. Although the rate of development may vary child to child. Parents should be extra careful as kids encounter accidents like slipping from stairs, touching hot tea or coffee, smashing fingers in doors etc.

Some common milestones at age 3:

  1. Running Confidently
  2. Walking up and down on stairs
  3. Rides a bicycle
  4. Washes and dries hands
  5. Easily draws straight lines and copies a circle
  6. Eating food with spoon
  7. Partially able to dresses and undresses
  8. Has all baby teeth
  9. Vision is nearing 20/20
  10. May start using potty chair or toilet and inform about pee pee and poo poo
  11. Defined sleeping pattern
  12. Follow instruction like “switch on the light” or “close the door”
What are the speech development milestones?

Children start speaking in sentences of 3-4 words. They are clear and better with familiar words. They follow moderate instructions. They are comfortable with around 200 or more words. They refer themself with pronouns like I, my, me or myself. They can say most of the words in age 2 flashcards.

There are some milestones which help to identify the normal speech development in the kids. These milestones can help parents if they need to spend extra time with kids on speech development.

Speech development Milestone at age 3:

  1. Start saying three or four words sentences or phrases like "let's go", "I want cookie", "my car"
  2. Children say around 400 or more words
  3. Follow moderate instructions like "bring toys", "brush your teeth"
  4. State or recognise their and family members name
  5. Children can be understood by family or close friends
  6. Children can say most of the age 2 words refer **here
  7. Repeat words as they hear from others or TV/ Google mini/ Alexa

Speech development process depends on many factors like:

  1. Family size
  2. Atmosphere at home
  3. Parents engagement with kids
  4. Social circle
  5. Parents habits
Flashcards to improve speech development:

We have a special collection of digital flashcards for children aged 3. It covers the most used words at this age. It's aligned with the rhymes and reading books for this age group. We have designed advanced versions of flashcards for age 3. It covers more words in pictorial flashcards compared to age 2 like fruit flashcards, animal flashcards, transportation flashcards, vegetable flashcards, flower flashcard, food flashcards.

You may refer to age 2 flashcards and age 1 flashcards. It consists of special video and pictorial flashcards which kids enjoy. It covers words from my first words list and age 2 word list. It helps kids to pick up initial words to start communication.

Parents can use the video flashcards to motivate children to speak the words. Regular practice helps children to recognize the pictures in the digital flashcard. Please refer to how to use digital flashcard FAQs for more information.

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Pictorial Flashcards

Animal Flashcard

animal flashcard
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Word list
Bear Camel
Cat Chicken
Cow Dear
Duck Elephant
Fox giraffe
Goat Gorilla
Hippo Horse
Leopard Lion
Monkey Pig
Rabbit Sheep
Squirrel Tiger
Wolf Zebra

Sports Flashcard

sports flashcard
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Word list
Badminton Baseball
Basketball Cycling
Football Golf
Gymnastic Ice skating
Running Scuba
diving Skiing
Skateboarding Swimming
Table Tennis, Tennis
Volleyball windsurfing

Pictorial Flashcards

Profession Flashcard

profession flashcard
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Word list
Artist Astronaut
Bus Driver Chef
Dentist Doctor
Farmer Fire fighter

Flower Flashcard

flower flashcard
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Word list
Daffodil Dahlia
Daisy Iris
Lilac Lily
Lotus Orchid
Pansy Poppy
Rose Snowdrop
Sunflower Tulip
Water lilly

Pictorial Flashcards

Emotion Flashcard

emotion flashcard
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Word list
I am excited I am happy
It's hot I am nervous
It's ok I am sad
I am scared I am sick
I am tired

Clothes Flashcard

clothes flashcard
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Word list
Belt Boots
Cap Dress
Hat Jeans
Scarf Shirt
Shoes Shorts
Skirt Socks
Sunglasses Trousers

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Fruits Flashcard

fruits flashcard
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Word list
Apple Apricot
Avocado Banana
BlueBerry Coconut
Cherry Custard apple
Grapes Guava
Kiwi Lime
Mango Orange
Papaya Peach
Pear Pineapple
Pomegranate Plum
Strawberry Watermelon

Vegetable Flashcard

vegetable flashcard
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Word list
Bean Beetroot
Broccoli Capsicum
Carrot Cauliflower
Celery Chili
Cucumber Eggplant
Garlic Ginger
Lettuce Mushroom
Okra Onion
Potato Pumpkin
Spinach Plum

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Gesture Flashcard

gesture flashcard
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Word list
I am angry Call me
Don't know Follow me
Good luck Great job
Hello High five
I have an idea Hooray
I love you Hmmm
I am bored Look
I am scared Loud
Me Nice meeting
No Oh no
Perfect Please
Shhh Stay away
Stop Well done

Appliance Flashcard

home appliance flashcard
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Word list
Air Conditioner Blender
Dishwasher Fan
Food Processor Fridge
Gasstove Hairdryer
Washing Machine Juicer
Microwave Mixer
Sandwich Maker Toaster
Vacuum Cleaner Iron

Pictorial Flashcards

Public Places Flashcard

public places flashcard
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Word list
Airport Amusement Park
Bakery Bank
Bookstore Bus Stop
Cafe Church
Cinema Clothing Store
Factory Farm
Fire Station Gas Station
Hospital Hotel
Library Museum
Park Police station
Restaurant School
Supermarket Swimming Pool
Theater Train station

Proposition Flashcard

preposition flashcard
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Word list
Above Behind
Below Beside
Between In
In front of Into
Near On
Out of Over