Age 2| Speech Development & flashcards

Age 2| Speech Development & flashcards
What are the overall development milestones at age 2?

Age 2 is full of energy and excitement as kids start exploring around by crawling, walking, babbling, talking and tasting everything they grab. Children progress the developmental milestones in a natural and predictable sequence but each child grows at her/his own pace. Parents should be extra careful as kids encounter accidents like slipping from stairs, touching hot tea or coffee, smashing fingers in doors etc.

Some common milestones at age 2:

  1. Kids start walking independently
  2. Can follow simple instructions like “Hi five”, “flying Kiss”, “pass the ball” etc.
  3. Riding a tricycle or scooter
  4. Recognising few objects and name them
  5. Able to climb few steps on stairs
  6. Scribble and draw simple strokes with a crayon
  7. Try to do a few simple things on your instructions without your help.
  8. lets you know when they do a poo or wee in their nappy.
  9. Kicks a ball
  10. Eats with a spoon
  11. Able to climb few steps on stairs
  12. Finds objects even when hidden under two or three covers
What are the speech development milestones?

At age 2, children are confident and clear in some words, they start putting two or three words together into short ‘sentences’. Children start recognising family members and pointing to familiar things when named. Their vocabulary grows rapidly, talk to them frequently or show flashcards

There are some milestones which help to identify the normal speech development in the kids. These milestones can help parents if they need to spend extra time with kids on speech development.

Speech development Milestone at age 2:

  1. Children say around 50 or more words
  2. Put two words together, such as "no Milk", “Go out”, “no sleep”, "more milk", "bye car", "come here"
  3. Follow simple instructions
  4. Knows names of family members and body parts
  5. Pointing to familiar things or pictures when named
  6. Responds to easy questions
  7. Children can say most of the words in first 50 words flashcard
  8. Repeat words as they hear from others or TV/ Google mini/ Alexa

Speech development process depends on many factors like:

  1. Family size
  2. Atmosphere at home
  3. Parents engagement with kids
  4. Social circle
  5. Parents habits
Flashcards to improve speech development:

We have designed variety of flashcards for age 2. It covers the variety of video and pictorial flashcards like fruit flashcards, animal flashcards, transportation flashcards, vegetable flashcards, flower flashcard, food flashcards.

You may refer to age 1 flashcards. It comprise of special video flashcards which kids enjoy. It covers words from my first words list. It helps kids to pick up initial words to start communication.

Parents can use the video flashcards to motivate children to speak the words. Regular practice helps children to recognize the pictures in the digital flashcard. Please refer to how to use digital flashcard FAQs for more information.

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Elementry Pictorial Flashcards

Fruits Flashcard

fruit flashcard
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Word list
Apple Banana
Cherry Grapes
Kiwi Mango
Orange Pear
Pineapple Strawberry

Vegetable Flashcard

vegetable flashcard
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Word list
Potato Capsicum
Eggplant Tomato
Spinach Onion
Beetroot Chili
Carrot Pumpkin

Color & Shape Flashcards

Color Flashcard

color flashcard
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Word list
Red Blue
Green Orange
Pink Purple
Black White
Yellow Brown

Shape Flashcard

shape flashcard
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Word list
Circle Cross
Diamond Heart
Moon Oval
Rectangle Square
Star Triangle

Transportation & Animal Flashcards

Transportation Flashcard

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Word list
Bus Car
Boat Truck
Bicycle Train
Motor Bike Airplane
Helicopter Ship

Animal Flashcard

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Word list
Cat Dog
Cow Sheep
Pig Horse
Loin Monkey
Elephant Bear

Body Parts & Clothes Flashcards

Body Parts Flashcard

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Word list
Head Hair
Eyes Nose
Mouth Teeth
Tongue Hand
Leg Foot

Clothes Flashcard

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Word list
Hat T-Shirt
Trousers Socks
Shoes Jeans
Skirt Dress
Shirt Cap

Weather & Emotion Flashcards

Weather Flashcard

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Word list
Sunny Rainy
Windy Cloudy
Snowy Stromy
Hot Cold
Lightening Foggy

Emotion Flashcard

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Word list
Happy Sad
Funny Angry
Scared Sleepy
Hungry Thirsty
Crying Smiling

Food & Verb Flashcards

Food Flashcard

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Word list
Rice Curd
Bread Pizza
Burger Pasta
Fries Juice
Salad Noodles

Verb Flashcard

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Word list
Play Dance
Walk Eat
Drink Sleep
Run Jump
Sing Talk