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Age 1 Speech Development

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My first 25 words Gif Flashcards for baby age 1
My first 25 words (Part-1)
  • Age: 1 to 2 years
  • Description: My first 25 words (Part-1) with videos and pictures
  • Flashcard covers following words:
    Baby Fish Ball
    Juice Bye Bye Lion
    Dog Flying Kiss Shoe
    Teddy Boy Cat
    Girl High five Bus
    Banana Plane Duck
    Apple Moon Milk
    Spoon Hat Car

Video Flashcards

My next 25 words video Flashcards for kids age 1
My first 25 words (Part-2)
  • Age: 1 to 2 years
  • Description: My first 25 words (Part-2) with videos and pictures
  • Flashcard covers following words:
    Bird Phone No
    Candy Sun Bed
    Door Truck Light
    Yes Sheep TV
    Book Cow Jumping
    Cookie Kite Butterfly
    Ice Cream Frog Brush
    Fan Flower Lollipop

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My first 50 words Flashcards
My first 50 words
  • Age: 1 to 2 years
  • Description: My first 50 words with pictures. It covers animals, fruits, vegetable, colors, shapes, family members
  • Flashcard covers following words:
    Cherry Grapes Kiwi
    Banana Pineapple Apple
    Pear Strawberry Elephant
    Horse Pig Cat
    Cow Zebra Monkey
    Sheep Rabbit Zebra
    Duck Lion Eyes
    Lips Feet Hair
    Chin Finger Ear
    Mother Grandfather Sister
    Brother Grandmother Family
    White Green Red
    Blue Yellow Carrot
    Potato Cucumber Tomato
    Broccoli Capsicum Onion
    Square Triangle Moon

What are the overall development milestones at age 1?

Age 1 is always exciting as kids start exploring things by taking their first steps, putting things in the mouth and imitating others. Parents should be extra careful as kids encounter accidents like slipping from stairs, touching hot tea or coffee, smashing fingers in doors etc.

Some common milestones at age 1:

  1. Taking a first step
  2. Smiling for the first time
  3. Waving “bye-bye”
  4. Saying few words
  5. Pointing to familiar people, objects
  6. Recognizing body parts
What are the speech development milestones?

Speech development is a natural but complex process. The stages of children’s speech development differ from child to child with time. Some children start picking up words or sounds at early months after completing year one but most kids start saying words at around 18 months. Study shows that some kids (late bloomers) start saying words after turning 2 years.

Speech development process depends on many factors like:

  1. Family size
  2. Atmosphere at home
  3. Parents engagement with kids
  4. Social circle
  5. Parents habits

There are some milestones which help to identify the normal speech development in the kids. These milestones can help parents if they need to spend extra time with kids on speech development.

At this age, children start saying few meaningful words like "pappa", "mumma", "dadda". They make many different sounds. They start following easy instructions like "no", "come", "bye". With little talking, they start grasping easy words.

Speech development Milestone:

  1. Start saying some words like "pappa", "mamma", "dadda", "bye bye", "babba"
  2. Children say around 10 or more words
  3. Pointing to familiar people, objects
  4. Recognizing body parts
Flashcards to improve speech development:

We have designed special video flashcards for children aged 12 -18 months. It covers the variety of pictorial flashcards like fruit flashcards, animal flashcards, transportation flashcards, vegetable flashcards, flower flashcard, food flashcards.

Parents can use the video flashcards to motivate children to speak the words. Regular practice helps children to recognize the pictures in the digital flashcard. Please refer to how to use digital flashcard FAQs for more information.

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